Follow your expired fans with one click

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Our chrome extension lets you follow your expired fans automatically with one click


Follow your expired fans


Automatically with our chrome extension

Get more reach


  • About 20% of people you follow usually subscribe back to you
  • Send mass-message PPVs to both your active followers and expired ones

Increase your revenue significantly

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” The extension does its job perfectly.
After a week I saw a major increase in the number of returning followers I have, and got many more
unlocks per PPVs I sent.

Totally worth the money, It’s simple math. thanks! 🙂 “

Frequently asked questions

Here is some information about AutoFollow fans.

If you have any other questions contact us at

No, by purchasing the subscription you will have no limit on how many fans you can follow.


HOWEVER! You can only follow 100 fans per day due to OnlyFans limitation.

Yes it does, except fans who blocked their following option or ones who deleted their account.
Moreover, AutoFollow fans will not follow other creators so you will not be charge for your following.

It’s simple, you just download the extension and purchase a license.

Then it’s easy as pressing one button.


We’ve made a guide with pictures in case things don’t work out:

How to install and use AutoFollow fans

Google Chrome on Desktop only.

You can purchase license for several accounts sending a message to

Check it yourself – Get your free trial!

Cancel anytime. No hidden fees.